Receiver Modules for OEM Applications

RADIXON Group has been supplying both general or specific-purpose finished products, as well as OEM modules and parts for system integration for nearly two decades.

We have many man-years of accumulated experience in system analysis, research and development in radio electronics and communications-related fields, large or small volume production and systems integration. We have manufacturing capabilities to ISO9001:2008 standards and dedicated teams of quality-conscious professionals.

Apart from sonobuoy telemetry products, we also have general purpose receivers and monitoring systems operating from DC to 10 GHz on a number of platforms and with a range of parameters suitable for low-cost as well as demanding high-end applications. These products are supplemented with numerous signal-processing applications, antennas and accessories.

Our off-the-shelf and customized solutions are used in many specialized surveillance and monitoring applications, by government, military and civilian customers all over the world. We are big enough to have the necessary know-how and facilities, yet small enough to be fast and flexible, and to care for our customers' needs.

Whether you need our existing product modified, or an entirely new product designed from scratch to suit your special application, please contact us - we believe you will be pleasantly surprised with our know-how and responsiveness.