Welcome to SONOBUOY.com

SONOBUOY.com is a division of RADIXON Group, the pioneers and industry leaders of computer-based and software-defined radio receivers, and general-purpose as well as application-specific surveillance and monitoring systems.

RADIXON sonobuoy telemetry receivers excel thanks to the following advantages:

  • High performance
  • Easy integration
  • Low cost
  • Software-defined technology

RADIXON sonobuoy receivers are suitable for airborne and seaborne deployment, in civilian as well military applications, for most major types of sonobuoys.

RADIXON sonobuoy receivers are remarkable for their flexibility: We supply PC-card based receivers suitable for integration into multichannel systems; single-channel portable units which can be operated using a laptop and are emminently suitable for mobile use and for experimentation; as well as complete multichannel rack-mounted units for major installations.

RADIXON sonobuoy receivers are "consumer off-the-shelf" (COTS) products, available on short lead times.

Our customers range from civilian exploration vessels to major navies of the world.

Contact us to see how RADIXON sonobuoy receivers can assist you in your application.

Product Showcase


The advantage of a card-based receiver is in making it possible to construct multichannel systems simply and easily.


The advantage of such receiver is in its portability; the receiver can be easily operated using a laptop.


The 8-channel system is provided in a convenient ruggedized portable shock-proof rack-mount enclosure.


The antenna is optimized for the sonobuoy frequency band, thus ensuring maximum receiving efficiency.