About Us

Sonobuoy-related products listed on this website are manufactured by RADIXON Group, founded in 1991 in order to commercialize the results of many years of research in radio communication technologies.

This company is also known under its commercial brand name WiNRADiO Communications. The WiNRADiO division was established in 1996 as a result of market success of our WiNRADiO consumer product range.

RADIXON Group is an R&D based company, with an accumulated wealth of engineering experience in RF design, digital hardware design, DSP and application software development.

Our headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia, and we have branches in Austin (Texas), Evesham (United Kingdom) and an ISO9001:2008 accredited plant in Kosice (Slovakia, EU).

Melbourne, Australia

RADIXON Group Headquarters

Our mission is to advance radio communications by way of close integration with modern computing technologies.

In addition to our huge range of standard products we also offer customized solutions for specialized surveillance, industrial and monitoring applications. We are big enough to have the necessary know-how and facilities, and small enough to be fast, flexible and to care for our customers.

Dedicated to innovation, the RADIXON Group headquarters are located in a modern building in Oakleigh, about 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD.